Future Work

CSS / Layout

  • Search Bar: Is aligned right inconsistently in BS2 vs. BS3.
  • Footnotes: Need much better styling. Maybe switch to tooltips.
  • Optionally move the localtoc from the top navigation bar into it’s own navbar below the page title.


  • Re-enable the downloads.

Upgrade Notes

Get new bootstrap-VERSION and drop in bootstrap/static.

Manually grep and replace instances of jQuery with (window.$jqTheme || window.jQuery) in files in the new bootstrap-VERSION/js directory.

Update VERSION in sphinx_bootstrap_theme/bootstrap/layout.html

Update bootswatch:

# Create tarball of everything for bootswatch to drop in and replace.
$ cd scm/vendor/bootswatch
$ git checkout v3.3.6+1
$ find . -name "bootstrap.min.css" | \
  (echo "./fonts" && egrep -v "\/2|bower_components\/") | \
  xargs tar cf - > ~/Desktop/bootswatch-3.3.6.tar